MSBNC Star Accused Of “Stolen Valor” 

( After a lengthy investigation chronicling the dubious antics of various American “warfighters” who traveled to Ukraine, The New York Times accused Malcolm Nance of MSNBC of stolen heroism. 

RedState reported back in 2022 that Nance’s assertions, in which he portrayed himself as a “military operator,” seldom matched reality. At best, Nance is simply a Live Action Role “Player” (LARP). 

Nance has been cosplaying in Ukraine’s secure areas to increase his power and influence. There is no indication that he has ever shot a weapon in Ukraine, and his military experience is limited to cryptology rather than actual warfare. Meanwhile, Nance wrote an intelligence report and submitted it to Ukraine, which was promptly wadded up and tossed in the garbage. It seems this guy is so entrenched in his illusion that he believes he is not simply some faker with no actual combat or intelligence experience. 

He made unsubstantiated claims of fraud against a pro-Ukrainian fundraising organization. As Mr. Nance got into an argument with two Legion officials, he attempted to get them dismissed by writing a “counterintelligence” report. A key allegation in that study is that one Legion officer, Emese Abigail Fayk, used fake funds to try to acquire a property on an Australian reality TV program. He accused her of being a Russian agent but provided no proof. Ms. Fayk has continued serving with the Legion despite the allegations against her. 

Nance has utilized the Ukraine conflict to increase his media visibility, even though he has spread misinformation and probably caused more damage than good. The fact that MSNBC had a role in facilitating this cannot be overlooked. 

Wars are not games. Every day, real people are killed in Ukraine, and anybody who exploits this tragedy to boost their internet profile should be publicly shamed and never taken seriously again. Nance is a perfect match. He is a fraud who has never held a position of authority in Ukraine but parades about in a spotless uniform while claiming to be a soldier.