UK Schools Struggle With Violence as Students Carry Blades, Knives to Class

The UK has seen a significant increase in knife crime, particularly in public schools. This issue has led to fear among teachers and students, with some as young as five years old carrying knives to class. 

A charity CEO has even labeled the uprising a “cancer that is spreading” across the nation. Some elementary school teachers have been attacked this school year, and there have been reports of knifemen loitering around schools.

The Conservative candidate for London mayor has promised to install a metal detector in all of the city’s schools, and the police in the City of London are already instructing youngsters as young as thirteen years old on the proper treatment of stabbing wounds.

An incident in Ammanford saw three individuals, including two instructors and a student, reportedly stabbed. Dr. Patrick Roach, general secretary of the NASUWT teachers’ union, expressed his deepest condolences on hearing of the assault at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman.

Over 500 children under eleven were discovered possessing sharp objects in the last four years, according to Freedom of Information requests submitted to police authorities in England and Wales. However, the Mirror reported that just half of the forces requested figures on children discovered with knives, so that the actual number might be above 1,000. 

According to David Simmons, a former teacher who founded the youth athletic charity Changing Lives, a shortage of personnel and community police officers in schools would worsen the situation.

Schools are understaffed, community police officers are absent, and youth programs have been curtailed due to budget constraints. 

In 2022, around seven youngsters each day, ranging in age from ten to fifteen, were detained for suspected knife crimes. Using or having a knife or other bladed instrument led to the arrest of 2,819 youngsters in that age range. As a result of knife crimes, 34,845 juveniles (both boys and girls) have been apprehended by the authorities since 2012.