Could the Billions Sent to Ukraine Been Used to Build US Border Wall?

President Joe Biden has yet again signed another foreign aid bill to benefit Ukraine during the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia. The majority of Democrats and Republicans inside the Senate and House of Representatives approved a $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, which includes $60 billion of the package coming straight from American taxpayer’s pockets. Both parties secured the bill with a vote of 79-18 on the bill last Tuesday. This package is one of many since February 2022 that the Biden administration has sent to Ukraine, adding up to hundreds of billions of dollars so far.

As President Biden seems to center all of his focus on supporting Ukraine, American citizens are beginning to wonder more and more about what all this money could have done for their own country. Biden finds himself facing more criticism from his fellow Americans, as one of the country’s biggest problems is right here on its soil, the current border crisis.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are migrating to the U.S. from the Mexico border, resulting in overpopulation as well as influxes of crime. As Biden continues to financially aid Ukraine, Americans speculate how much he is concerned with his own country.

The math has added up that the billions of American dollars Biden has been giving to Ukraine could have finished the Mexico-America border wall years ago. The wall in question was a promise that was fulfilled by former president Donald Trump during his previous term. On average, it costs about $20-$45 million to complete one square mile of each section of the wall. Throughout the entirety of Trump’s term, the former president was able to complete 450 miles of the wall, which totaled out to $15 billion.

The Mexico-American border spans about 2,000 miles in length. With the new aid bill alone, Biden could have finished the wall with spending money leftover for renovation costs.