Bomb Alert Triggers Evacuation in University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, Australia was evacuated this past Friday after information was attained to school officials that there was a bomb threat to the campus. Security and safety within schools and universities is a very serious topic. It is clear that the University Of Sydney acted fast and efficiently once word had gotten out that there was the possibility of a life-threatening situation underway. It is unclear who or what was responsible for claiming the threat, however, preventative actions had to be taken to keep USYD students and faculty safe.

The word broke out to students and staff of USYD after student newspaper Honi Soit shared the threat across social media platforms, in hopes of informing as many USYD school members as fast as possible. The social media post stated that Honi Soit Newspaper had received allegations of a bomb threat on USYD’s campus.

NSW Police Department quickly arrived on the scene, as masses of students and faculty had been crowding together outside following the evacuation. Police confirmed an exclusion of the area the threat had originated from, then informed the public that a police investigation was underway at the college campus.

The university’s newspaper page continued to update followers of USYD on social media by alerting the public when police had arrived, and which parts of the university had been evacuated. NSW Police performed a cautious and extensive search around the campus and surrounding areas. Ultimately, the police found no evidence, suspects, or leads as to who or what stated the bomb threat. Police officials urged the surrounding public to avoid the area of USYD for a good while. After police had secured that there were no longer any threats, officials lifted the lockdown around 4:30 PM.

A spokesperson of USYD gave comments to the press, stating staff immediately contacted NSW Police as soon as word had got out about the threat. The investigation is still ongoing.