Macron Says Rwanda Law Against European Values, UK Fires Back

England reacted against French President Emmanuel Macron for describing Rishi Sunaks plan to send illegal migrants to Rwanda as a betrayal of European tenets.

Ministers maintain that deportation flights will continue until migrants cease crossing the Channel by tiny boat. The Rwanda Act was ultimately passed into law on April 25th.

Home Secretary James Cleverly’s confirmation showed that many flights were already booked.

Macron made a controversial statement, stating his disapproval of this strategy that certain individuals seek to use, which involves sending migrants to a third nation in Africa. He said the plan would be ineffective.

Downing Street rejected the accusation, saying it completely aligned with their international obligations. According to a spokesperson, the prime minister’s office disagrees but believes the strategy is correct. Strong deterrence is necessary to disrupt criminal gangs. Small boats will not be allowed to enter the area, and other nations are also considering the same tactics.

Dame Priti Patel, a former home secretary, criticized Macron, suggesting that he may be concerned about the impact of the partnership with Rwanda on reducing the number of migrants attempting to cross the Channel.

She also implied that he would then have to take responsibility for handling their requests for asylum and addressing the prevalent criminal gangs in France.

With these developments, Home Office officials are now able to begin detaining the initial group of migrants who are set to be deported to Rwanda in preparation for the upcoming flights this summer.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister of Ireland expressed concern that the possibility of getting taken to Rwanda had already led some migrants to seek refuge in his country.

Micheal Martin criticized Mr. Sunak’s policy as hasty, claiming that it was leading to a significant increase in arrivals. He highlighted that 80 percent of asylum seekers in Ireland were entering the country by crossing the border.