Conservative Leader Has Heated Exchange With Trudeau, Ejected From House

A heated exchange between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and House of Commons member Pierre Poilievre unfolded during a question period regarding the recent decriminalization of hardcore drugs in British Columbia. MP Poilievre labeled Prime Minister Trudeau among the likes of a “wacko”, and extremist before he was ultimately ejected from the House of Commons meeting.

Regarding the topic, Poilievre shot fiery insults at the Canadian Prime Minister for his push for drug decriminalization in the Canadian territory of British Columbia. MP Poilierve stood in front of house members to label Trudeau as a “wacko” and that his decriminalization policy was “wacko” as well. The statement from Poilierve caused an outcry, in the audience with many Conservative members praising and supporting him with cheers. The unorder in the court caused Speaker Greg Fergus to stand and confront Poilievre for his comments, asking him to take back what he had said. Instead, Poilerve addressed that he changed his wording of wacko, to extremist, and when asked to do so again, changed his phrase to radical extremist. Fergus then ordered the MP to be ejected, and while Poilievre left, many other conservative MPs did as well.

Poilevres comments were in reaction to Trudeau’s previously calling the House member out for shamefulness of associating with white nationalists, in which Poilievre labeled the PM’s comments as a distraction from his ongoing “extremist policies”. Afterward, Poilievre took to X to further explain his actions, stating that Trudeau’s push for the policy was out of wack and destroying lives.

The push for decriminalizing hard drugs in Canada has been very controversial, to say the least. The project began in January of 2023 and has faced major pushback from many Conservative Parliament members. The opposing side of the argument has argued over drug use public disorders and usage concerns. The province of BC stated that it is working hard with the federal government to reverse the policy.