Disturbed NBA Star Accidentally Gets Fans Booted Over Insult

(FiveNation.com)- After being sent to the Dallas Mavericks in February, Kyrie Irving has been booed for his lackluster performances. He was booed Sunday, and thus another chapter has been written in the greatest rivalry in sports today.

Irving, a guard for the Mavericks, got a fan tossed from Sunday’s away game against the Charlotte Hornets in the latest episode of Irving vs. fans.

During Sunday’s game, with 8:46 remaining in the third quarter, Irving was seen on camera strolling to the opposite end of the court, pointing out a specific fan while speaking with officials.

But the fan got his payback as he was hauled out of the stadium. He bellowed “boo” loudly the whole way out, which caused other fans to boo Irving as well.

After Friday’s 117-109 home defeat to the Hornets, Irving was booed by Mavericks supporters and clapped back at them.

When asked how he felt about the booing, Irving responded on Friday, saying, “So what?”

Irving said that everyone wants to perform well but that only five Mavericks players can be on the floor at any time.

He invited the crowd to “be my guest” if they were interested in exchanging places.

The NBA star said that you’d need a lot of practice before you were ready to compete at his level.

There is a long history of discord among Irving and basketball fans. After a 2021 playoff game in Boston, a supporter threw a water bottle at him, and during a 2022 game in Boston, he was penalized for giving the middle finger to a spectator.

After acquiring Irving, the Mavericks’ play has been poor. The Mavericks entered Sunday tied for the 10th and last berth in the NBA play-in tournament, having lost three in a row and six of their past eight games.

The Mavs’ defeat on Sunday was a significant setback in their push for the postseason. Dallas is presently eliminated from the play-in round due to consecutive defeats to the Hornets.