Congress Takes Action Against Chinese “Organ Harvesting”

( On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that will tighten down on the Chinese organ harvesting business with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The Stopping Forced Organ Harvesting Act would impose penalties on individuals responsible for state-sanctioned organ harvesting in China conducted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

The House voted to pass H.R. 412 by a margin of 413-2. 

According to the bill and prior evidence, ethnic minorities in China, including the Uyghurs and the Falun Dafa, have been the targets of organ harvesting.

Republican New Jersey Representative Chris Smith remarked during a House floor debate, “State-sponsored coerced organ harvesting is a huge business for Xi and the Chinese Communist Party and shows absolutely no indications of abating.”

Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Thomas Massie of Kentucky voted against the measure.

The measure states that any person who accepts or offers to pay for an organ donation may be characterized as an organ trafficker and subject to punitive proceedings by the President of the United States.

According to Greene, the faulty Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act would increase American participation in globalist organizations.

Smith, Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Bill Keating, and North Carolina Democrat Rep. Kathy Manning introduced a bill that would prohibit anyone the president determines to have funded, sponsored, or facilitated forced organ harvesting or trafficking for the removal of organs from buying property or obtaining visas and subject them to prison terms of up to 20 years and fines of up to $1 million.

The measure also amends the Foreign Assistance Act of 1969, which forbids help to be delivered to nations that violate international human rights standards, to mandate data collection on forced organ harvesting and trafficking abroad.

According to a news release, the measure supports organizations, including the Uyghur Human Rights Project, the Falun Dafa Association of Washington DC, Victims of Communism, the Uyghur American Association, and Friends of Falun Gong.

Before the bill can become law, it must be approved by the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden.