White House Refuses To Use Certain Word After Nashville Shooting

Around 42 years after Jesus’ birth, a new word was introduced into the day’s Greek lexicon- Χριστιανoύς. It means “Christians” and has been used in the literature from at least 1526.

Whether Greek or English, “practicing Catholic” Joe Biden rarely uses the word.

Opinion writer Tim Meads has noted that since the Nashville Covenant Presbyterian School school massacre, Biden has avoided acknowledging that it was a Christian school.

Meads pointed out that neither the phrase nor the Christian name of the school the gunman targeted appeared in President Joe Biden’s formal “Proclamation on Remembering the Victims of the Tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee.”

Biden also left out the fact that the gunman identified as transgender.

Meads went on to point out that the president had tweeted about the faith of the four Muslim men killed in New Mexico last August, about Asian Americans on the National Day of Action and Healing in 2021, and about the LGBTQ+ community on the fifth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida.

Meads also looked into White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s Twitter account, as it is Jean-Pierre’s responsibility to speak for the president. He discovered no reference on Jean-account Pierre’s of “Christians” since a December Christmas tweet and no mention of Nashville, despite the massacre at a Christian school in Nashville four days before. 

Records of all News Briefings held by the White House between March 27 and the following Monday show that none had the word “Christian” in it.

Indeed, Biden is not a great communicator and often unloads extraordinary faux pas and slip-ups. But not mentioning the word “Christian” for a whole week is an intentional choice.

The president and his team know who are and are not his supporters. And he doesn’t care to talk to the second group.