Video Shows Masked Robbers Attacking Gun Owner

Surveillance footage from a residence in Seattle indicates that a man was subjected to tasing, torture, and robbed by two men wearing masks and carrying what seem like firearms over the weekend.

The heist occurred in the Beacon Hill area on an afternoon. It’s the most recent of more than twelve robberies in southern Seattle that have specifically targeted Asian retirees. The police have claimed that they are not investigating these occurrences as hate crimes since they think the victims were selected solely based on their ages.

According to the video, the victim, who looks to be of Asian origin in the footage, rings the doorbell of a house over the weekend when two masked persons dash over to him from behind, demanding his possessions.

The man doesn’t seem to understand what they’re asking of him, so he resists because of a linguistic barrier. Another masked suspect draws his weapon and shoots a taser at the innocent person, who instantly falls to the ground.

One of the suspects turns away from the house’s security camera while the other searches the victim’s pockets and tries to get the rings off his fingers.

The criminals leave the front porch, and the victim can be heard gasping for air as he gets up and leaves the house on his own.

Local news reported, citing police sources, that throughout the heist, the suspects repeatedly shocked the victim with a Taser to keep him immobile for as long as possible. The man’s vehicle keys, gold jewelry, and cell phone were taken, along with his cash and credit cards.

The revelation of the unsettling video prompted police to announce that they are looking into a pattern of masked youngsters targeting people of Asian origin. They have identified a gang of three to seven Black male juveniles as suspects.

A report shows that after at least 14 violent burglaries in Seattle that specifically targeted families of Asian origin, Seattle Police have begun speaking about their investigation and alerting the community.

According to police, the scope of the criminal spree has grown. They said last week that eight houses had been attacked since August 6. Since June, they have likely broken into 14 residences.