Trump Pressures GOP To Impeach Biden

Former President Trump is pressing Republicans in Congress to either pursue the impeachment of President Biden or risk becoming irrelevant.
In a post on Truth Social, Trump stated, “The Republicans in Congress, although they have good intentions, are continuously hinting at an impeachment’ inquiry’ concerning President Biden. He implied wrongdoing by Biden in his dealings with Ukraine. Trump emphasized, “There’s no need for an extended inquiry. The evidence is already there.”

He further contrasted his impeachment experiences with the current situation, emphasizing that he had faced immediate impeachment proceedings. “I was never given the luxury of an inquiry. There were no delays in my case,” he wrote. “Our opponents play by different rules. They aim to change the essence of America.”

Recently, there has been speculation within the Republican Party regarding initiating an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that when Congress reconvenes in September, there could be a discussion on launching an impeachment inquiry.

Rep. James Comer, leader of The House Oversight and Accountability Committee, has been investigating the foreign business engagements of the Biden family. They have shared transcripts and requested further information during the August break.

On Fox Business’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” McCarthy explained, “Given the data we’ve collected, an impeachment inquiry seems to be the next logical step.”

Former President Trump remains the only U.S. president to have been impeached twice, though he was acquitted on both occasions by the Senate. He has often questioned why impeachment proceedings have not commenced against Biden.

Republican leaders are feeling the heat from their extreme conservative members in the House Freedom Caucus, who are advocating for President Biden’s impeachment and from the looming 2024 elections. Balancing the former president’s admonitions, GOP legislators are torn between further investigating Biden and taking prompt action toward impeachment.

Several House Republicans come from districts President Biden secured in the 2020 election. Advancing an impeachment inquiry might place these at-risk legislators in a politically delicate situation as the 2024 election approaches. House GOP leaders are wary of such moves, especially given their slim five-seat majority.