Transgender Arrested for Threatening Mass Shooting at School

On March 13, 2023, Colorado Police announced the arrest of a 19-year-old transgender person for threatening mass shootings at nearby schools and churches. The unnamed youth is charged with two counts of attempted murder and other charges of violence against school staff, faculty, and students at schools. 

The Colorado arrest followed on the heels of a recent transgender terrorist killing of six people at a Nashville, Tennessee, Christian School. The alleged shooter is a biological male who uses “She/Her” identifiers and calls himself by a female name. The suspect’s sister reported her concerns to police in a 911 call stating that the suspect had anger issues and had made verbal threats regarding the shooting at schools and churches to her earlier that day. The District Attorney’s office reported that the suspect was transitioning to a female. 

During a visit to the suspect’s home, police discovered holes punched in the walls, a door torn from the hinges, trash, discarded food, mold, and alcohol cans and bottles strewn about the house. Police also recovered a manifesto written by the suspect along with the Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels book on the Communist Manifesto and a notebook detailing the suspect’s intentions to commit suicide. 

Evidence discovered in a police search of the residence revealed the suspect had researched how to make firearms using 3D printing, a list of potential targets, and bomb-making information, along with stories of mass shooters, politicians, and serial killers. A whiteboard with a Colorado Springs Timberview Middle School floor plan was also discovered. The alleged shooter was a former student at the school. When questioned by police, the suspect confirmed that he had planned to carry out a school shooting. He stated he’d been planning the attacks for a month or more and had begun work on his manifesto. The suspect replied with “No Reason” when questioned by police as to his motives for the planned attacks. 

When police arrived at the home to make the formal arrest, they found the suspect lying in bed with trash piled around the room.