This Silent & Deadly Disease Affecting Millions of Americans

In the United States, times remain tumultuous as the calendar year of 2024 enters the mid-section of its tenure. Since 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of affairs within the domestic union has continuously appeared to deteriorate. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the southern border since the commencement of President Joseph R. Bidens term of service in January of 2021 and tens of thousands continue to arrive by the day. The federal government in its entirety (the president, judiciary branch, and the department of Homeland security charged with the all-important duty of protecting the national security interests of the country) appear unable or unwilling to address the worsening crisis. States like Texas have had to take matters into their own hands and have deployed their own national guard and utilized their own resources simply to defend the border of their nation. It is truly sickening to think that the reality of life in America in 2024 is that the national government appears to be wholly disinterested in the interests of native American citizens but perfectly willing to aid foreigners at the expense of these legal taxpaying citizens.

Many Americans are simply worried about paying their bills. Inflation has crushed the working class, and it is estimated that six in ten citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. Rent rates have reached astronomical highs, and home prices are so exorbitant that average families and young people simply cannot afford to own a home I many cases. Paired with this, obesity and heart disease remain huge problems as Americans consume record numbers of processed foods filled with toxins and fats. The state of affairs is poor.

Another disease has been deemed a silent threat to Americans. Lyme disease, often carried by ticks, is estimated to be debilitating millions of Americans. The disease could pass down to future generations. Many individuals that get the disease are unaware that they actually have it.