Ted Cruz Slams Democrats For Rejecting Articles of Impeachment Against Mayorkas

Texan Senator Ted Cruz has lashed out at Democratic colleagues for dismissing impeachment articles against the Homeland Security Secretary. The Senate, with a slim 51 – 49 Democrat majority, voted along party lines to end proceedings, marking the first time in 225 years that Senators have dismissed an impeachment without holding a floor trial or referring the matter for committee review.

A furious Senator Cruz took to Twitter to denounce Democrats, saying they had disregarded two centuries of precedent. He noted that in all previous 22 impeachment attempts in US history, the Senate held a trial, with exceptions only in cases where the accused had left office or died.

Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer explained the dismissal, saying Republicans had failed to meet the constitutional bar of a high crime or misdemeanor. He argued that the proceeding would have set a dangerous precedent and facilitated the punishment of Cabinet members for carrying out administration policy. Schumer further claimed that the Republican move to target Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was entirely political and a misuse of process.

“To validate this gross abuse by the House would be a grave mistake and could set a dangerous precedent for the future,” Mr. Schumer said.

The GOP initiated impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas for what they see as his failure to secure the southern border and prevent mass illegal migration. They allege that the Secretary refused to enforce existing border laws or overturned those of the Trump administration, which would have prevented the record numbers coming to the US illegally.

Several GOP Senators were enraged by the impeachment dismissal. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama warned Democrats that the US public would remember their actions when they cast their ballot in November. “The American people are tired of it,” he said. Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina echoed Tuberville’s sentiments and said it will “absolutely” be a factor in upcoming elections. “Is anybody ever going to be held accountable?” he asked.