Ted Cruz Calls Out John Kerry For Defending Luxury Jet Use

(FiveNation.com)- During Monday’s episode of his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the Texas Republican Senator mocked Climate Czar John Kerry for defending world leaders who fly to climate change summits on private jets, saying he embodies the contempt the left has for “working men and women.”

In an interview with Yahoo News senior climate editor Ben Adler last weekend, Kerry was asked to respond to critics who point out the hypocrisy of prominent climate change advocates and world leaders who take private planes when attending major climate events like the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The Climate Czar insisted that the world leaders flying private buy carbon offsets and argued that they work harder “than most people I know” to push for the world to transition to a green economy.

Kerry reminded Adler that while there have been significant steps toward a green transition in aviation, it would be impractical to think we can get rid of every aircraft that relies on fossil fuel.

During his podcast on Monday, Cruz described Kerry as the embodiment of “the rich, out-of-touch contempt” that Leftists have for the working class. He said Kerry believes that whenever he “puts his privileged derriere on a private jet,” he is destroying the planet, but thinks that all he has to do is purchase carbon offsets like he is “buying an indulgence.”

Cruz added that Kerry’s comment about world leaders working harder than most people he knows exposed his “dripping contempt.”

During the Yahoo News interview, Adler also asked Kerry if it was true that he “recently switched” to flying commercial rather than flying private. Kerry said it was a “misnomer” that he used to fly private jets.

He conceded that he had taken two private military flights when he traveled to China during the pandemic, but insisted that he was “forced into that,” assuring Adler that he always flies “commercially.”