Speaker At Philly Rally Tells Hamas ‘Job Well Done’

The speaker at a Philadelphia pro-Palestinian rally expressed his support for Hamas and their actions during the recent conflict with Israel. He congratulated Hamas for what he saw as their achievements despite their methods’ controversial and violent nature.

Another speaker at the same event criticized the United States, comparing it to Israel regarding what he perceived as colonialism and oppression. This event reflects a range of opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During last Sunday’s event, left-wing activist Michael C. Wilson expressed his approval of Hamas despite the controversy surrounding the group’s actions. He congratulated Hamas for what he perceived as their successful efforts, even though their actions had resulted in what he described as “unimaginable horror” for thousands of innocent civilians.

Wilson stated, “I think that we should all give applause right now to Hamas for a job well done” to an enthusiastic audience. He also shared a disturbing perspective about Israelis encountering Hamas members in their homes, using graphic language to describe his reaction.

During the open forum, another speaker defended the actions of Hamas, describing them as “freedom fighters fighting for freedom” and challenging the characterization of their activities as terrorism.

They asserted that not every person who died due to Hamas actions was innocent and believed it was their responsibility in the West to raise awareness about what they saw as the true nature of terrorism. Additionally, one speaker compared the United States to Israel, labeling both as “white supremacist, settler-colonial states.”

The Philly Palestine Coalition organized the rally at Rittenhouse Square, where speakers called for support for the Palestinian cause, including expressing support for Hamas.

Various organizations, including the Philadelphia chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and the Students for Justice in Palestine chapters at several universities, promoted this demonstration.

Participants at the event openly called for a violent “intifada” and advocated for Palestinian freedom through any means necessary.

These discussions occurred in the context of a recent violent attack by Hamas against Israel, which resulted in casualties on both sides and widespread destruction.