RFK Jr Says “Climate Change” Is Really About Control

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential contender, has said that he thinks climate change is being used to influence people through fear. 

In addition, he’s released a campaign film that elaborated on his views, saying the threat of climate change is being used as a tool of coercion. To reduce pollution, freedom, and free markets are preferable. 

In the video posted on Twitter, RFK Jr. argues that polluters enrich themselves at the expense of the public. He said that if you point to a polluter, he’ll point to a big cat utilizing political influence to avoid the accountability of the market.

Kennedy’s film opens with Jordan Peterson debunking the doomsday climate change predictions. Kennedy said that the same people spreading an atmosphere of fear were also behind the pandemic lockdowns.

Although Kennedy admits global warming is happening, he disagrees with the conventional wisdom on how to deal with it. In addition to carbon, Kennedy also mentioned methane as a contributor to global warming. 

As evidence of warming, he says to look around; it’s not hard to find. The melting of ice caps is but one example. He said he’s spent much time in nature and is familiar with the Greenland ice sheet. In his almost 69 years, Kennedy says he has seen a lot of shifts. In addition, he’s seen several examples of species, significantly those native to the south like black vultures, dramatically increasing their ranges in the north. Since he was a little kid, he’s remembered when the leaves begin to change, and the date keeps getting earlier and earlier. 

He went on to say that similar to how the COVID issue was used, the spy agencies, the World Economic Forum, and the billionaires’ boys’ club in Davos are using environmental concerns as an excuse to impose totalitarian regulations.

Without any livable space left, Kennedy says a war on carbon will accomplish nothing. Regarding energy, Kennedy has determined that free markets are preferable to top-down regulation. 

He says we can bounce back, but only if we don’t give in to fear, which, as he notes, is the tool of dictators.