No Labels’ Founder Issues Assurances On 2024 Presidential Bid

Joe Lieberman, one of the founders of No Labels, made an effort on Sunday to allay fears that his organization will derail the 2024 presidential election by running a third-party candidate.

He clarified that a third-party, nonpartisan presidential ticket would only be pursued if they had a legitimate shot at victory.

On Fox News Sunday, Lieberman, a former U.S. senator from Connecticut, discussed an alternative to the expected rematch between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. He discussed how the centrist, middle-of-the-road organization challenges the status quo of the two-party political system.

Lieberman claims that surveys and focus groups have shown widespread disillusionment with both main political parties in the United States. Many have dubbed the situation a “uniparty,” believing that neither side is any much different from the other in working on the issues most Americans care about.

Furthermore, many voters would like to avoid choosing between Trump and Biden in 2024, with both being a disappointment.

Lieberman claims that Americans want a third party because they are pessimistic that either the Democrats or the Republicans would do anything about crime, the economy, Ukraine, and China.

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate and current Independent Joe Lieberman has said that his organization would only push for a bipartisan third-party candidate if they are confident in its chances of victory.

Lieberman assured that they are “not going to be a spoiler.”

Democrats are worried that an independent candidate could draw votes who are undecided, hurting Biden’s prospects and helping Trump.

Leiberman said that regardless of whether the party wins the election, their ticket will be non-ideological. Since it is non-ideological, they believe it will get backing from all corners of society. According to Lieberman, the idea that they can throw the election and ensure Trump’s re-election is not feasible.

As the former senator said, a nonpartisan No Labels nomination convention is scheduled for April 2024 in Dallas, Texas.