New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Reject Dem Narrative

It is a tumultuous time in the United States; political tensions flair, the economy remains unstable, interest rates have skyrocketed, and the price of groceries, gas and other basic necessities continue to spiral ever higher. The root cause of these major problems facing the everyday American is continuously debated on mainstream media outlets, but it appears that the broad majority of Americans have decided for themselves who to blame.

A Rasmussen poll from the spring of this year states that nearly two thirds of Americans believe that the January 6th demonstrations were deliberately sparked by operatives within the federal government to smear President Trump following the 2020 election. Additionally, over 6 in 10 Americans hold the opinion that the last presidential election was indeed stolen.

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are certainly taking notice of this sizeable shift in public opinion. Indeed, even CNN has been unable to ignore the overwhelming statistics that prove that working class Americans across the nation are tuning out the lies spread by the media and thinking for themselves. In a poll conducted by the left-wing media outlet, some 69% of voters- including republicans and independents, believe that President Biden did not fairly win the presidential election. This number has increased in recent months, as an older poll shared that 63% of individuals shared the same sentiments less than a year ago.

The widespread corruption within the Democrat party is impossible to be concealed, and a supermajority of Americans are fully aware of the crimes of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. As leftist prosecutors and attorneys across the country levy fallible indictments against former President Trump in desperate attempts to distract the public, evidence continues to emerge showing that Joe Biden used the office of the Vice Presidency to make millions for himself at the expense of his nation. The American people are sick of the lies, and think accordingly.