In-N-Out Burger to Ban Employees From Wearing Masks in Five States

Unless they have a doctor’s note, workers at In-N-Out Burger locations in five states are not allowed to wear masks.  According to reports, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Utah employees must comply with the new regulations beginning on August 14.

Employees in the two other states, California and Oregon, where there are a lot of In-N-Out restaurants, are required to use only the N95 masks that have been authorized by the corporation.

According to internal memos released online, the rules are meant to emphasize the value of good customer service and being able to show the associates’ smiles along with other facial features.

According to the memos, employees who repeatedly disregard the new regulations will be fired.

In-N-Out Burger has earned a reputation for being outspoken, a report shows.

In 2021, the firm made news when it publicly said that it would not implement San Francisco’s COVID-19 vaccine enforcement, which mandated that stores check the vaccination status of all customers.

They refused to serve as the vaccine police for any government, the business stated at the time. They said that insisting that the restaurant staff determine who may and who may not be served based on the identification our customers provide was intrusive, unreasonable, and dangerous.  They strongly opposed any law or regulation that would require a private business to discriminate against its customers. They called it an offensive, inappropriate government overreach. 

As seen on the In-N-Out Burger website, Baldwin Park’s Francisquito and Garvey is the site of the first drive-through hamburger business in California, opened by Harry Snyder on a mere ten square feet of space. Harry Snyder went to the butcher and the grocery store to choose the day’s fresh meat and vegetables while his wife Esther worked hard at home to keep the books for their restaurant.

There are around 387 In-N-Out restaurants in the US.

The restaurant franchise has its headquarters in California, and it has locations in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and Utah.