Expert Calls Out Biden Link To Israel Attack

Former National Security Advisor to former President Trump Robert C. O’Brien slammed the Biden administration for trying to convince the public that releasing $6 billion of Iranian cash as a payment for the Islamic regime releasing 5 American captives did not aid last weekend’s attack by Hamas on Israel. O’Brien suggested on Fox News that the $6 billion be refrozen.

O’Brien noted that Secretary of State Tony Blinken defended the agreement. Whether you refer to the $6 billion spent to rescue five hostages as a gift, unfreezing assets, or anything else, it is still ransom. The Iranians can divert the funds they would otherwise need for food to promote terrorist activities, such as those they have carried out in Israel.

Officials in the Biden administration have focused on the defense since Saturday, when Hamas began its attack, when they were asked about sending $6 billion to Iran. Multiple authorities have assured the public that the funds are safe and have not been used, either through online declarations or in interviews.

While defending Biden’s billions to Iran, Blinken undermined his own message in an interview with Meet the Press on Sunday by admitting that Iran has consistently utilized its funds to support terrorism.

According to a report, Hamas, the dominant party in the Gaza Strip and the group responsible for an attack that began on October 7th and slaughtered over a thousand people in Israel so far, including US citizens, was listed as a foreign terrorist group by the State Department in 1997. More than a hundred Israelis are held captive, according to Hamas.

House Republicans Tom Tiffany (R-Wisconsin) and Andy Ogles (R-Tennessee) have introduced the Guaranteeing Aggressors Zero Admission Act (GAZA Act) to halt the entry of Palestinians into the United States amid the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The proposed law would make it impossible for anyone carrying a passport obtained from the Palestinian Authority to gain entry to the United States or obtain a visa to do so.
Ogles argued that we must ensure the security of our nation at an age in which the danger of terrorism is not merely grotesquely on display but being encouraged and justified.