Dem Faces Backlash For Putting Climate Solution On Farmers

A report shows opponents on social media accused U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry of aiming to ruin the agricultural business and cause famine deaths in pursuit of “net zero” emissions.

In May, Kerry explained to a climate change summit that agriculture was responsible for up to 33 percent of global emissions and that the United States would not be able to achieve its goal of net zero emissions or complete its mission unless agriculture was at the forefront of the solution.

Kerry also noted that it is impossible to simultaneously feed the world and keep it from overheating. Emissions coming from the food supply chain must be mitigated.

Wide Awake Media uploaded the video over the weekend on X, prompting a fresh round of criticism of the top climate ambassador for the Biden administration.

Mary Miller, an Illinois Republican congresswoman, referred to them as attacks on American farmers on X.  Many other lawmakers and users of the site shared the same view.

Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, explains how climate alarmists use inflated data to scare people about apocalyptic climate change in a recent video.

According to Moore, the recent global temperatures have not been particularly noteworthy.  Leaving the Medieval Warm Period behind and entering the Little Ice Age, humans had nothing to do with the subsequent warming that began again three hundred years ago.

Meanwhile, a disturbing video has emerged showing the destruction of a wind turbine farm in the Australian state of Queensland.

Not only do these monstrosities kill and maim hundreds of thousands of birds and bats every year while they are in operation, but they also cannot be recycled, so after their short working life of only 15-20 years, they are dumped in nature or landfills.

Wind turbines are neither renewable nor “green” in any way, despite the rhetoric of the trillion-dollar “renewable” energy business.