Another Train Derailment Leaves Crew Hospitalized

A Norfolk Southern train derailed in Alabama, resulting in two hospitalizations, according to a report from The Epoch Times. Police in Jasper, Alabama stated that the engine crew was temporarily trapped in the engine room because the engine tipped over, but the injuries sustained were not major and the two crewmembers were already released from the hospital. 

Officials reassured the public that the train was not carrying hazardous materials. Officials also told the press that the train cars went off the tracks and cleanup efforts are currently underway to deal with the wreckage and spill of the diesel fuel and engine oil. 

The American public has recently been skeptical of train derailments after the disastrous East Palestine, Ohio incident that occurred in February. The train was carrying hazardous chemicals and to prevent fires, authorities conducted a controlled burning. While authorities initially claimed that residents in the area were safe, animals were reportedly dying, and people were experiencing illnesses. 

A recent report reveals that half of the investigators looking into the incident began to experience health issues. Seven of the 15-member Epidemic Intelligence Service crew reported feeling ill. Residents within a mile of the controlled burn were originally evacuated but then were told that the area was safe to return to. Symptoms experiences were sore throats, headaches, coughing, and nausea. 

The Environmental Protection Agency also claimed that after testing the water, it was safe to drink, but a video by Senator JD Vance shows one of the creeks contaminated with what looked like chemicals. 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said that the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) was not offering assistance because they claimed that the incident was not a “natural disaster.” The claim was criticized by many who pointed out that FEMA could not help American citizens but could help illegal immigrants with $110 million