American-Israeli Teen Claims Israel Will Be Victorious

An eyewitness account of an American-Israeli experienced the most terrifying event of his young life as war broke out in his country after the October 7 Hamas rocket attack occurred. The teenager, Barak Shmuel, believed Israel would ultimately defeat the Hamas terrorists.

“I think terrorism is something that people in Israel may have become accustomed to, but not at this level,” Barak Shmuel told Fox News. “This past week has been one of the scariest weeks of my life.”

During the conflict, which began with a surprise attack by Hamas on October 7, hundreds of Israelis, including children, soldiers, and the elderly, were injured, killed, or captured. Israel declared war against Hamas in response and initiated an assault on Gaza.

Shmuel described the impact of the conflict, saying, “The explosions were ridiculous. He also recounted his experiences helping fellow Israelis who were too fearful to leave their safe spaces. A nearby rocket strike hit his home, and he heard gunshots on another occasion.

“The most serious threat is the rockets,” he emphasized. ” Direct hits were landing everywhere. My next-door neighbor’s home experienced a direct hit.”

Although Shmuel was born in the U.S., he moved to Ashkelon, Israel, five years ago to be closer to family. When the sirens sounded during the Hamas attack, he was working out with friends. He rushed home to check his backyard, fearing that workers from Gaza might be there.

“I had to make sure there was no one there. I was terrified,” Shmuel said. “After I saw no one there, I locked myself in completely and ran in and out of the shelter because of the sirens.”
During the attack, one of Shmuel’s good friends went missing, and he later learned that his friend had died. Shmuel expressed, “He wasn’t killed; he got slaughtered.”

The conflict has resulted in a significant loss of life on both sides, with Palestinian health authorities reporting casualties among Israeli civilians, soldiers, and Palestinians, including women and children. Additionally, Hamas is believed to have taken hostages.

“We’ve been living with these people next to us,” Shmuel stated. “These people are not peopleā€¦ They’re savages.”

Hamas terrorists have been accused of committing brutal acts against Israeli civilians, including allegations of raping women and beheading civilians.

Despite the ongoing violence, the American-Israeli remains resolute in his commitment to stay in Israel, expressing confidence that Israel will ultimately bring the war to a swift conclusion.
“I’m not leaving. We are strong, and we’ve got this,” Shmuel affirmed.