WaPo Set To Lose Whopping $100M In Value

Nearly forty percent of the $250 million that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos paid for The Washington Post almost a decade ago is expected to be lost in 2023.

Reports show that the corporation has struggled to boost the number of its paid subscribers since the 2020 election, when its online subscriptions maxed at three million. This is one reason for the decline in income. Now just 2.5 million remain after the first estimate.

And yet, despite Bezos’s enormous wealth, he has been incapable of improving the Post’s financial standing. A close associate of Bezos stated that when the firm failed to expand, Bezos’s enthusiasm receded somewhat.

According to reports, things changed in January when executive editor Sally Buzbee contacted Bezos directly to voice her concerns.

Buzbee sent a dire warning that morale was at an all-time low at The Post. Much of the problem can be traced back to Bezos’s choice of publisher, Fred Ryan, the former chief executive of Politico.  

Since then, Bezos reportedly has paid more attention to the inner workings of the corporation. He visited the newsroom for the first time in months in January.

According to reports, to safeguard his vast $138 billion wealth, Jeff Bezos is getting ready to sign a prenuptial agreement.  The engagement of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez has given a great opportunity to their legal teams. 

According to a report, Bezos and Sanchez got engaged on the lavish $500 million superyacht Koru. Sanchez was seen in Cannes, France, flaunting an engagement ring estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

While Bezos gave up $38 billion in his first marriage to MacKenzie Scott because they didn’t have a prenuptial contract in place, the Amazon.com founder is taking extra precautions to safeguard his riches in his second marriage.