Voters Sour On Biden For Not Recognizing Granddaughter’

President Joe Biden’s reputation as a family man who prioritizes decency and compassion is under attack as he only recognizes six grandchildren and ignores the girl fathered by Hunter Biden with 32-year-old Lunden Roberts, whom Hunter met during his battle with drug addiction.

A Lyft driver, Louis Snipe, credits President Joe Biden’s role in rebuilding the economy and restoring dignity to the White House. However, he finds it difficult to reconcile his support for Biden with his decision not to acknowledge his 4-year-old granddaughter in Arkansas, who was fathered by his son Hunter Biden outside of marriage. 

Republican candidates have criticized the president for not acknowledging his granddaughter, implying a lack of empathy. Many supporters of Biden express disappointment with his approach, questioning his Catholic faith. Some give him a pass, believing it to be a personal decision.

Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts recently resolved a child support disagreement, but the issue remains very delicate for Biden and White House staff.

The younger Biden challenged the suit, stating that the women he had been with during that period were hardly the dating type. He said he did not remember his interaction with Roberts without mentioning Roberts by name. Roberts filed a motion in December requesting the court to change the girl’s last name to Biden, arguing that adopting her father’s name would significantly impact and uphold her legacy as a member of the Biden family. Biden opposed the name change, claiming that Roberts was engaging in political warfare against the Defendant and his family.

In the child support case, a settlement was reached in June. The amount was reportedly $20,000 a month until $750,000 was gone. Biden also agreed to gift his daughter paintings in exchange for the girl’s mother agreeing to withdraw her motion for the child to have Biden’s last name. 

Roberts, a 5-foot-8 basketball player from Batesville, Arkansas, shares her daughter’s life on Instagram, showcasing her love for hunting and skeet shooting.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Joe Biden for not acknowledging his grandaughter’s existence. 

Biden’s supporters are happy to have a morality contest with Trump, who has faced multiple scandals and has been impeached twice and indicted twice. Rich Henry, a former music teacher, and grandfather of five, believes Trump has been guilty of everything possible. 

It all depends on whose ox is being gored. In many cases, the same scenario with the parties switched would elicit the exact opposite response.