VIDEO: Taxi Driver Kicks Antisemitic Woman Out Of Car

An angry taxi driver expelled an ‘antisemitic’ customer after she complained about the ‘Jewish machine.’

The enraged London cabbie was seen urging his female customer to get herself the f*** out of his taxi in Soho on Halloween last month.

Online footage of the dispute showed former Tory leadership candidate Tom Tugendhat MP calling the driver’s actions ‘the necessary reaction to bigotry.’

Dash-cam footage shows the passenger saying it was easy to trigger people today and that the ‘Jewish machine’ is powerful. It blocks speech. But she could offer so many Palestinian brutality instances.

The cabbie interrupts the lady and yells, “Right, get the f*** out of the cab.”

The group “Against Antisemitism” praised the taxi driver. No place appears exempt from antisemitism right now, a spokesperson told a London media outlet. Only by ostracizing bigots can this terrible tendency be stopped. The taxi driver was correct to evict this lady. He doesn’t have to endure her bigotry. Such people can walk.

The clip comes amid a rise in capital antisemitism after the Hamas-Israel conflict. Metropolitan Police said hate crimes against Jews have increased 1,350% since the Middle East crisis. Anti-Islamic crimes in London rose 140%.

After several massive marches, pro-Palestine rioters continue to wreak mayhem in London.

During a Thanksgiving Day riot in Los Angeles, pro-Hamas thugs threw smoke bombs at the house of AIPAC’s (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) president.

A report shows that pro-Hamas demonstrators in New York City blocked Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, despite Israel’s humanitarian truce in Gaza to permit a ransom agreement with Hamas terrorists for the safe return of some of the captives abducted by Hamas during the October 7 assault on Israel. It was said that some of the demonstrators had stuck their palms to the pavement with adhesive.

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts rode a float with a Palestinian flag, and Protesters in the reviewing stand held up protest banners.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation and ANSWER were the only two protest organizations with communist ties. ‘Liberation of Palestine and the Planet’ and “Genocide Then Genocide Now” were among the messages placed on banners.