Ukraine Struggles as Russian Military ‘Almost Reconstituted’

Ukrainian authorities are concerned that no nation has the resources necessary to build up Kyiv’s troops, but according to a senior U.S. official, Russia’s military is almost back to where it was before the conflict in Ukraine began.

According to Defense News, the Biden administration’s national security supplemental request has been held up by House Republicans due to concerns about spending overall and their attempts to link the help to border security measures. Despite this, Ukraine still counts on an influx of U.S. military supplies. Despite the administration’s insistence that more weapon and equipment deliveries would allow Ukraine to fight the Russian army, some Ukrainian officials secretly question if this will ever be sufficient.

Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said at a Center for a New American Security event on Wednesday that they have assessed that Russia has almost wholly rebuilt itself militarily.

Russian military expenditure has skyrocketed to 6% of GDP since 2022, with the country’s armaments manufacturing base expanding and its troops being bolstered by equipment acquired from allies.

In December, U.S. intelligence services reported that 315,000 Russians had been killed or injured in the conflict with Ukraine. Both sides have lost a lot of personnel and equipment in pursuing additional advances after conquering substantial portions of the Donetsk and Luhansk areas.

To stretch their ammunition supply, Ukrainian military leaders have been restricting it while their NATO and American counterparts rush to increase output. Ukrainian authorities have warned that the front lines might collapse if air defense and ammunition do not arrive soon.

According to the anonymous officials, a greater number of guided aircraft bombs might penetrate the front line and crash it in some parts.

According to Zelenskyy, Russia is getting ready to send up to 300,000 more soldiers, as the AP reported.