Trump Releases Doctored Video

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump shared a modified video of Chris Christie, suggesting that the former New Jersey governor had declared his 2024 presidential campaign at an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

The edited video, crafted by social media users @NautPoso and @drefanzor, portrayed Christie delivering his campaign announcement speech before a backdrop of a sizzling buffet bar while carrying a plate of meat.

After Chris Christie launched his campaign in New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump wasted no time sharing a clip on his Truth Social platform, further taking a dig at Christie’s weight. 

Trump questioned how many times Christie used the word “small” and suggested he had a psychological issue with size. 

Trump criticized Christie’s speech, calling it “small,” meandering, and dull, claiming that nobody could grasp its meaning. 

This wasn’t the first time Christie faced weight-related jokes, as he had been targeted by Newsmax, Greg Gutfeld from Fox News, and John Roberts, a Fox News anchor who later apologized for his remarks. 

Trump himself had previously mocked Christie’s weight by sharing a photo of him at a buffet and making a sarcastic comment. 

Despite supporting Trump in the past elections, Christie has become a vocal critic of the former president. 

Christie took political shots during his campaign speech at Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, accusing them of profiting from Trump’s presidency.

In response to former President Donald Trump’s CNN town hall in May, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) passionately criticized Trump during an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Thursday. 

The town hall event had stirred up significant controversy and even drew condemnation from CNN’s Oliver Darcy, who described it as a “spectacle of lies.”

Christie has a long history as a law-and-order politician. 

Shortly after assuming office as a US attorney, Chris Christie clarified that combatting public corruption would be one of his administration’s top priorities, ranking just below the fight against terrorism. 

Over his six-year term, he garnered acclaim for his impressive track record of convictions in public corruption cases. 

Christie’s office secured guilty pleas or convictions from 130 public officials, spanning various political affiliations, including Republicans and Democrats, at the state, county, and local levels.