Trump Holds Strong Polling Lead Over Rivals

A new early state survey finds that former president Donald Trump is well ahead of his competitors, with 30 points in Iowa over Ron DeSantis and 38 points in South Carolina over Tim Scott.

According to reports, Fox Business Network surveys in South Carolina and Iowa show Trump decisively leading the field.

Trump wins Iowa at 46%,

DeSantis is at 16%, Tim Scott has 11%,  Vivek Ramaswamy has 6%,

and Nikki Haley has 5%.

Trump wins South Carolina at 48%,

Haley gets 14%,  DeSantis has 13%, Tim Scott is 10%, and Mike Pence has 4%.  

Those trying, like DeSantis, to unseat Trump by implementing a state-by-state plan can not take heart from these results.  If these projections hold, they’ve got a tall mountain to climb.

According to Monmouth University Poll Reports, DeSantis’ message is falling flat.

Republican primary voters are overwhelmingly certain that former President Donald Trump will be their party’s strongest contender in the 2024 election. The Monmouth University Poll found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has failed to establish a rapport with the GOP voters and to portray himself as a better candidate and more successful leader than Trump.

46% of Republican and leaning Republican voters say they would support Trump as the Republican candidate in 2024, while 20% say they would support DeSantis.

When voters are presented with a primary vote question that includes all 14 declared candidates, Trump receives 54% of the vote, DeSantis receives 22%, and no other contender receives more than 5%. If it were simply Trump and DeSantis in a race, Trump would win with 55% of the vote to DeSantis’ 35%.

These numbers are consistent with a Monmouth University survey conducted two months ago, around the time DeSantis formally kicked off his candidacy.

Patrick Murray, the dean of the nonpartisan Monmouth University Polling Institute, claims that DeSantis has made little progress. The claims that he would be a more formidable contender and a more successful president than Trump have fallen flat.