This “Prophet” Says Ron DeSantis Is God’s Choice

( According to Rolling Stone magazine, Christian “prophet” Charlie Shamp, known for his velvet-black beard and pompadour, went on the Jim Bakker Show last week to reveal a divine revelation on the future of the Republican Party. Shamp told the televangelist’s congregation that they needed to keep an eye on Ron DeSantis because The Lord would do great things through him. 

Prophetic End Time News, the program hosted by Jim Bakker of the Jim Bakker Show, often features Christian pastors and prophets to discuss end-time scenarios and other topics related to The Bible and Revelations. 

Charlie Shamp, as stated on his company’s website, serves as both the company’s co-founder and president. He writes that as a prophet, he has been called by God to bring about reformation on a global scale, and his extreme acts of faith have resulted in the Holy Spirit radically reshaping people’s lives. 

According to Rolling Stone, Shamp told Jim Bakker about a dream in which he saw two palm trees. There was one in California and one in Florida. He said he asked The Lord who the two palm trees were. It was revealed to him that the California palm tree represented Ronald Reagan, and the one in Florida was DeSantis. 

Shamp said that governor DeSantis appeared in a vision as a tree of righteousness that God would plant in the nation’s capital to weather future storms. Shamp said there is something about Ron DeSantis which is worth praying for. The reasoning is his long-term goal is to become the President of the United States. 

In 2021, the forecasts of a second Trump term, including Shamp’s, fizzled after Biden’s win. 

Shamp then claimed his DeSantis prediction wasn’t completely set in stone.  He didn’t guarantee a DeSantis presidency in 2024.  

Rolling Stone guesses that Shamp’s portrayal of DeSantis as a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan means that prophetic Christians may want to move on to DeSantis.