Temporary House Speaker Orders Pelosi To Leave Hideaway Office

As the autumn enters the heart of its period of existence and more mild, cooler weather has begun to set in across many regions of the United States, the autumn season is in full swing. While fall festivities like Oktoberfest celebrations, pumpkin picking and carving, the Halloween holiday, and the harvest are associated with this time of year, things within the country are ultimately not as tranquil and jovial as these traditional activities often are. In truth, the state of American federal politics is poor at best; in both international and domestic terms, things are quickly deteriorating for the 50 states. Illegal migration spirals at the southern border, and millions of illegals have crossed into the country in the years since Joe Biden entered the oval office in 2021. While the sitting president has often appeared feckless, incoherent, and downright weak in every regard (and he carries a negative approval rating in most polls), House Republicans have acted in an equally embarrassing fashion as of late.

Last week, a small group of far-right conservatives (along with massive Democratic support) ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy from power in the U.S. House of Representatives. McCarthy became the first speaker to be removed in U.S. history. Taking over as an interim speaker, Representative Patrick McHenry from North Carolina has attempted to stabilize governing positions in the lower chamber of congress in difficult circumstances. Most recently though, McHenry took aim at the former speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, a career Democrat politician serving in D.C. for decades, had occupied a “hideaway” office in the capitol building. McHenry ordered her to vacate it, and Pelosi was angry. She claimed she was out of state when the order arrived. Allegedly, in January when McCarthy became speaker, Pelosi had told him that if he gave concessions to Republicans opposing him, she would ensure he would have Democratic support and maintain his speakership. Unsurprisingly, this has proven to be false.