Zelenskyy Plans New Counteroffensive in War With Russia

With the 2024 presidential election inching ever closer, America remains in turmoil. In both the Democratic and Republican parties, the nominees are set. In the Democrat party, the sitting president Joe Biden is the clear-cut choice for the party’s nomination despite his national unpopularity and the tumultuous state of American affairs in every regard- economically, internationally, and culturally. In the Republican field, the former 45th president, Donald Trump has clinched the nomination. Indeed, both Trump and Biden appear to be the clear-cut frontrunners for their parties and a 2024 rematch is more than likely barring a tremendous or unlikely last-minute shift.

While this is evident, both men have done little campaigning up to this point.

Both men are underwater in terms of popularity in national polls, and yet are the frontrunners of their respective parties. Biden faces paltry opposition in the form of an independent candidate named Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also seeking the support of left leaning voters. Kennedy, who had attempted to brand himself as an old school moderate Democrat, was rejected and received unfavorably by the majority of left-wing voters, showing that the days of a common-sense middle-ground Democrat coalition are long past and that progressive, far-left activists dominate the direction of the party. While November 2024 remains in the near future, all signs point to a 2020 rematch.

As politics in America continue to heat up, it appears that the war in Ukraine shows no signs of stopping. The Ukrainian President Zelensky confirmed plans for a new counter offensive, but in truth the war is quite pointless and there is no way Ukraine could win. America has sent hundreds of billions of dollars to the country as it desperately fights off Russian forces, but the sad reality is that the Ukrainians are outnumbered and outgunned, and it is only a matter of time before the country is “bled-dry”. Peace negotiations would be sensible at this point.