Supreme Court Ends Title 42

( After much deliberation, the Supreme Court removed Title 42 from its docket.

Through this program, Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Border Patrol can prevent the entry of individuals who may threaten public health, either because they are subject to announced travel restrictions or because they have entered the country illegally to evade health screening procedures.

After making its ruling public on Thursday, the court did not explain.

The Biden administration has said that the issue is moot since Title 42 will cease in May when the recent pandemic health emergency is expected to be lifted.

Government agencies have employed Title 42 along the southern border to deter and slow the flow of illegal immigration. President Trump first implemented the order, and the Trump and Biden administrations have since used it.

Title 42 was quickly removed by the Biden administration since a court had earlier ordered it to be terminated in December 2022.

After an appeal by Republican legislators, the Supreme Court agreed to postpone the revocation of the order until after a proper hearing.

President Biden revealed last month that the pandemic emergency declaration, and hence Title 42, will expire on May 11.

To postpone the May 11th deadline, Republican-led states may launch a new lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s first effort to overturn the order.

Over 2.5 million instances of the order being utilized to deter unlawful entry over the southern border have been documented. For example, if Title 42 expires in May, it would coincide with the time of year when border crossings often peak.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has insisted that they have a six-point plan to implement the revocation of the order, which will improve resources at the border, coordination with Mexico, and the frequency of anti-smuggling operations.

The Biden administration has failed to unveil any concrete measures for dealing with the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants via the southern border as Title 42 nears its expiration.