Smugglers Making MILLIONS On Migrant Passages

Smuggling rings assist people who want to sneak into the UK and are active on both sides of the English Channel. They help illegal boat migrants access Britain and can collectively earn up to £1.6 million daily.

Research by the Labour Party claims that human trafficking networks are charging illegal migrants an average of £4,000 to cross the Channel from the French beaches to Dover. French law enforcement agencies provided the data used to compile this report.

Many people reportedly arrived on British territory on March 4th on rubber dinghies. For the smugglers, this meant enormous riches.

More than forty thousand people have crossed into the United Kingdom illegally over the English Channel since Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assumed office fifteen months ago. Despite Sunak’s public pledge to tackle this issue, smugglers may have gained up to £10.6 million while he was in power.

These criminal groups may have made far more money than is publicly known. Previous research indicates that those who are unable to pay for the trip up front frequently engage in exploitative contracts with smugglers, which are similar to types of forced labor.

People on the black market exploit migrants for labor in businesses like restaurants, laundromats, and even cannabis farms in Britain since they do not have legal status. The gangs profit financially from this exploitation, which can continue for years while the migrants try to settle their debts.

Instead of staying in hotels across Britain, as has been the norm since the start of the pandemic, Sunak has mainly relied on a plan to deter boat migration. He suggests that people who cross the Channel illegally have their asylum claims processed in Rwanda.

It is expected that this week, the House of Commons will get a revised bill. However, detractors say there are still significant problems with the measure. According to them, the government’s reluctance to withdraw from the EU-associated European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) means that its attached court might potentially block deportation flights to Rwanda, just like it did in 2022.

France will receive £478 million (€541 million) for the next three years from the administration of Rishi Sunak, as announced last year. The French coastline is going to be more heavily policed with the help of these funds. Along with the £100 million that France received a decade ago, an extra £300 million was thrown their way. Still, over 28,000 people made it to British beaches last year without proper documentation.