Shelter Dog Sworn In As Police Officer

According to a report, the police officers who have committed their lives to safeguarding their neighborhood now have a loyal friend in the form of a Kentucky shelter dog.

The report reveals that “Bolo,” a unique canine, was just sworn in by the Hopkinsville Police Department and now has a distinct function to play within the department.

During a one-day trip in October, the black-and-white canine and his caretakers paid a visit to the department. The Christian County Animal Shelter is known to bring pets to meet police officers. Pets in need of homes are promoted throughout the visits.

In video footage, Bolo can be seen dozing off at an officer’s feet.

Unbeknownst to the police officers, the department would ultimately adopt the cheerful dog.

A report shows that Bolo officially became a member of the squad and was sworn in as HPD’s first-ever ‘Paw-trol’ Officer at a city council meeting. Local leadership announced this in a Facebook post on November 8.
The onlookers applauded and laughed as an officer escorted Bolo inside the venue for the momentous occasion. Throughout the oath, he sat down submissively and maintained eye contact with the officer.
During his oath-taking ceremony, Bolo signed the document with his paw print and accepted his assignment.

An officer informed the audience that after getting past his nervousness, Bolo seemed to have fit in very well, so he departed the shelter and became a member of the family.

According to Chief Jason Newby, these officers occasionally face challenging calls, but it’s beneficial for them to return to the station and smile when they see the dog. He went on to say that Bolo would be a wonderful friend and companion who brings a little light into everyone’s lives every day. Bolo has already eaten pizza crusts, sausage, and biscuits as treats from his pals.