Seattle Cop Caught Laughing About Grad Student’s Death

A body camera video from Seattle police shows an officer laughing and making light of the demise of a young lady who was killed when she was struck by a police vehicle. The officer says the city could merely write a check since the victim had low importance.

According to a report, Officer Kevin Dave, 25, hit and killed 23-year-old graduate student Jaahnavi Kandula on January 23. In the video, Officer Daniel Auderer could be heard describing his investigation into the crash. Her death causes Auderer to have fits of laughter, calling her just an ordinary person.

Auderer, the vice president of the Seattle Police Guild, states his doubt that a criminal inquiry was being needed at this time. He said Officer Dave was going fifty miles per hour, which was not completely out of hand. Auderer noted it was hardly risky for a skilled driver.

A local report revealed that while responding to a “high-priority” incident, Dave was really doing 74 mph in a 25 mph zone.

After the accident on January 23rd, Auderer administered a drug test to Dave at the site.

The body cam footage shows that his call to his coworker the next evening was about the event.

Video of the collision indicates that before hitting Kandula, a master’s student at Northeastern University’s Seattle campus, Dave chirped his siren but did not keep it on.

He reaches full speed and suddenly begins to slow down just seconds before he slams into Kandula at the intersection. He exited the car and performed CPR. Dave’s bodycam footage shows him saying that he “f-ked up.”

The Indian student was an exchange student enrolled in the College of Engineering’s master’s program in information systems at Seattle’s Northeastern University. In December, she would have received her diploma.

The Seattle Police Department also posted a video to their social media account showing the frightening phone call they received the day after the fatal crash.