Russia Has Just Reached A Killer Drone Partnership

( According to reports, China intends to utilize a significant number of drones equipped with explosive payloads in their conflict with Ukraine. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) would be able to wreak havoc on military targets.

The notorious Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries is said to be working on the development of “swarm drones” to attack Ukrainian military forces as part of a clandestine armaments arrangement with Chinese espionage.

According to the allegations made by the Mirror, over 2,500 DJI Mavic2 drones were transported from Beijing to Moscow as part of a covert collaboration with the notorious Wagner Group in Russia.

These events stand in stark contrast to Beijing’s assertions that it is not involved in the conflict in Ukraine, which has morphed into a conflict between the West and the East.

As part of Moscow’s killer swarm initiative, the British media said that covert conversations had taken place between Chinese cyber specialists, the Wagner Group, and spies from both countries. These conversations allegedly took place in secret.

The term “swarm network” refers to a scenario in which several drones, assisted by artificial intelligence, carry out coordinated strikes on a single target.

According to the allegations made by the Daily Mirror, which cites an intelligence report as their source, a private military organization plans to utilize the 2,500 recently acquired Chinese drones to build a swarm platform for the orchestration of coordinated autonomous drone swarms.

The information provided in the study reports that the Russian private military organization and the Chinese Communist Party interact with one another by using two separate covert networks, one located in Russia and the other in China.

Regardless of how hard the Chinese try to deny it, “that network is responsible for the covert supplies of military materiel being deployed against Ukraine,” the study said.