Ron DeSantis Calls for “Deadly Force” Against Smugglers

During a press conference in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Monday, Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida and a potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate expressed his belief that authorities at the southern border should have the ability to use lethal force against drug smugglers who attempt to breach the wall. 

DeSantis visited the border region to meet with residents and law enforcement officials dealing with the challenges of drug smuggling and a surge in illegal immigration. 

In outlining his security plan, which he would implement if elected president, DeSantis suggested that border authorities should take decisive action to thwart drug smuggling by physically apprehending members of the cartels.

“We will utilize every available means to ensure victory in this battle. 

When individuals break through the border wall, as they have done in other areas, displaying hostility or engaging in hostile actions, it is essential to respond with the appropriate use of force,” stated DeSantis.

He continued, “I cannot comprehend how we can allow them to carve through a wall on sovereign U.S. territory while carrying backpacks filled with drugs. 

Using lethal force is necessary in such circumstances. Just think about it—would you permit someone to break into your house and cause you harm? 

No, I can assure you that in Texas, they would not tolerate such actions.”

According to federal data, Border Patrol agents confiscated over 98,000 pounds of drugs in the fiscal year 2022 and approximately 47,000 pounds between October 2022 and May.

DeSantis expressed frustration, saying, “Why should our country be any different? The cartels employ tactics like using blowtorches and other elaborate methods. 

It’s genuinely embarrassing that we have walls in place, yet they’re being breached. I was recently in Arizona, where they were repairing the wall because it had been penetrated.”

He added emphatically, “This is entirely unacceptable. 

Let me tell you, if a few of these cartel operatives attempting to breach the wall are met with force, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

They will think twice before attempting such actions. They only do it because they believe they can get away with it.”