Pink! Plans Banned Book Giveaway In Florida

The pop star Pink has embarrassed herself.

Pink said she wants to give away two thousand of what she believes to be “banned” books at her forthcoming concerts in Florida after legislation that limits classroom discussion regarding sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

During an Instagram Live on Sunday, the 44-year-old singer revealed that she will partner with the non-profit PEN America to distribute 2,000 copies of books at her four upcoming concerts in the state.

It would appear that the singer is confused about what it means for a book to be banned.

Ignorantly, Pink’s list of 13 titles includes none that have been banned in any state. Records from the Florida Department of Education, the Collier County School District, and PEN America found that ten books had been pulled off shelves or had limited distribution.

The state and four school districts in Collier County pulled seven books from classroom libraries. Ten of the works Pink mentioned were either temporarily or permanently removed from classrooms in seventeen of the state’s 67 school districts, according to PEN America.

After considerable backlash on X, Pink said that some of the novels she had cited were “prohibited” in several Florida school systems.

When a book is banned, it is made unavailable. The books the state shielded young students from viewing could have been purchased at any time by their parents.

On X, Libs of TikTok remarked that frequent reminders are needed to clarify that when the left accuses the right of “banning books,” they mean pornographic books, and they never provide pictures of what is in the books.

According to prior reports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed Parental Rights in Education Law 1557 in 2022, making it illegal for schools in the state to teach students about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The “Just Give Me a Reason” singer has previously discussed the queer community’s support for her and has been a vocal supporter of the community.