New Details About Royal Family Member’s Health Released

A member of the royal family has been diagnosed with breast cancer, according to The Western Journal. In the latest update given, Sarah, Duchess of York, is reportedly recovering after receiving an eight-hour mastectomy, which followed a routine mammogram. 

A spokesperson for the 63-year-old royal told The Independent that the operation was successful and the duchess is recovering with her family. He said that Sarah is receiving the best medical care, adding that she thanks the medical staff for their support. The duchess is allegedly thankful for the mammogram that identified the cancer and stressed the significance of getting screened regularly.

The duchess was treated at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, which other royal family members have gone to for treatment. Sarah is at her Windsor home and is expected to soon talk about her experience during an episode of the “Tea Talk” podcast. The episode was reportedly recorded before the surgery. 

Sarah is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew. The couple separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996. They share two children, Beatrice and Eugenie. While the two of them have rejected any idea of ever getting back together, they allegedly share a very close friendship. Despite their divorce, they remained determined to co-parent and now they are co-grandparenting. 

A source close to Prince Andrew reportedly said that the relationship the two share may be strange to outsiders. But he noted that they would defend each other to the death. 

But the duchess has been successful outside of the relationship and embarked on a career as an author and podcast host. Her podcast is reportedly described as “self-deprecating,” and she has spoken about the loneliness that her and Princess Diana have felt in the royal family.  The duchess was apparently neglected for her past selling papers.