Illegal Teenage Migrant Arrested for Murder of California Man

A teenage illegal immigrant has been arrested for murder in California. Police responded to a call about a suspicious car in January, and when they opened the trunk, they found the body of Fraylee Fernandez and estimated he had died 11 days earlier. On April 5, Deputies from Fresno County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they had arrested an illegal immigrant for the killing.

Officers believe the alleged killer and the victim were acquainted and told reporters that the suspect was on parole for an assault on his mother. Police also confirmed that the alleged murderer, who was not named, was 17 at the time of the murder but had since turned 18. Therefore, the Fresco District Attorney has called for him to face trial as an adult. Nevertheless, he was detained at Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus in April.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Tony Botti, said the body was severely mutilated, which suggested a personal connection between the victim and killer. Botti stated that such mutilations “separate” murders like these from most violent offenses. “It’s very disturbing,” he said, adding that the killer should be kept “off our streets and locked up for life.”

The slaying occurred in Mendota, an agricultural town of 11,000 in California’s Central Valley. In 2019, USA Today named it the worst place to live in the United States, citing crime and poverty. The latest murder will add to the growing list of killings allegedly committed by illegal immigrants, which GOP lawmakers and Donald Trump have consistently highlighted.

Trump, seeking his second White House term, met with the parents of a young Georgia woman allegedly murdered by an illegal migrant. The former President laid the blame for Laken Riley’s death squarely at the door of Joe Biden and accused the President of making America more dangerous.

During his State of the Union address, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene heckled President Biden and demanded he say the woman’s name. Biden replied and misnamed her Lincoln Riley.