Hunter Biden Is Threatening To Sue Judge Jeanine Next

( Hunter Biden’s legal team has issued a legal threat to Fox News and anchor Tucker Carlson, demanding that they issue a retraction for information they recently put out to the public.

That information suggested that Hunter Biden paid his dad, President Joe Biden, almost $50,000 per month in rent payments for housing.

In segments that Carlson appeared on, he implicated that the money was being laundered to Biden before he was elected as president of the United States back in 2020. Those segments were then picked up by various other personalities on Fox News.

Bryan Sullivan, one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, sent a letter asking both Carlson and Bernard Guger – who is the general counsel at Fox News Media – to acknowledge that Fox News “errored by not verifying this information underlying the so-called ‘rent’ story and relying on information that it knew was described as ‘wild speculation.’”

In addition, Sullivan asked that Fox News and Carlson himself make various statements while on the air, including a sincere apology to Hunter Biden.

On January 16, Carlson aired a segment that made the claim about rent payments. He cited a background check form that Hunter BIden allegedly filled out in 2018 as part of an application for rental housing.

That application was originally posted on Twitter by an anonymous user, who claimed that it was on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. On it was a reference to a payment for rent that was almost $50,000 every month.

Carlson said that the rent payment was for “housing costs.” He commented:

“So, how did a disgraced drug addict with no job skills make enough money to make a $50,000 a month rent payment? Who is paying and how much are they paying him, and why are they paying him?”

Later, he added:

“So, is it possible that Joe Biden’s lifestyle was financed by his son and his son’s dealings with foreign governments? Apparently, he shared a bank account with his son.”

Once Carlson’s segment aired, the crux of the story was picked up by other personalities at Fox News, including Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity.

John Roberts, another anchor at the network, said:

“Hunter Biden listed that Wilmington home as his primary residence that he was renting for $50,000 a month. And, I assume that the documents were in the garage at the time.”

The last statement was a poke at the president, who had classified documents found in his Wilmington, Delaware, home as well as several other locations associated with him.

Sullivan wrote in his letter that the $50,000 payments in question were actually quarterly not monthly. He wrote they were also for office space at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C.

To back up his claims, he referenced a fact check report that was published by The Washington Post.

Sullivan also pointed out that the sources Carlson relied on were the anonymous Twitter user and reporting done by Miranda Divine, who works at the New York Post.

He did this despite Devine sending “cautionary tweets” about those rent payments in which she wrote they were only “wild speculation.”