Here’s How Homeowners Are Saving On Heating Costs

( Clever homeowners are saving on heating costs and are sharing how others can follow their lead. As many people are battling the rising costs of living amid those wintry chills, small life hacks can go far in saving the average working-class family a few dollars a month on electricity, according to The Daily Mail.

Rather than using an oven, one can use a wood burner to boil their kettle and place tinfoil behind the radiator to preserve and reflect heat. While the heat is on, closing one’s drapes can keep the heat trapped in, as windows may leak cold air through the cracks.

Draught excluders may also be placed underneath the doors.

Many families are facing exorbitant energy costs as the winter nears and many households may reportedly be hesitant to use their heat.

When heat is being used, it is important to bleed the radiators, keep clothing off of the heaters, and remove furniture if they are in the way of the heat. Boilers should also be serviced once a year to ensure that they are running safely.

Insulating pipes is considered to be the “cheapest and simplest” way to heat one’s home, as well as wrapping an insulation jacket around the water tank.

Demand for wood-burning stoves has skyrocketed recently with some families looking to even cook their meals the old-fashioned way. Retailers have reported a shortage of stoves as manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand. Some families are reportedly buying several log burners at once to keep up with the falling temperatures.

Homeowners are saying that placing a fan on top of the wood burners helps to circulate the warm air around the room. Leaving doors open may circulate the warmth around the entire home.

Choosing the correct wood is also important. Those using wood burners should ideally try to find a local business that scraps wood or find the best deals that might be around. The wood should also be dry to prevent pungent odors and excessive smoke.