GOP Voters Rally Over Migrant Crisis 

A nation without borders, is not a nation at all. President Joe Biden continues to put American citizens last, working hard to allocate taxpayer dollars to provide services for illegal migrants at the expense of legal citizens. Biden’s border deputies requested that the House of Representatives- currently controlled by a slim Republican majority, to allocate a sum of $3.3 billion dollars to cover the costs of new travel and housing operations for foreign migrants.

In yet another disturbing but unsurprising move, the Biden administration once again has displayed its complete disdain for legal American citizens and continues to prove that it does not intend to slow illegal migration into the United States but wishes to build a system to sustainably support the practice, funded by the American people. While the White House has not stated explicitly that it wishes to utilize monies for an increase in migration, a simple study proves otherwise. While the White House claims the funding is needed for border security, if a paper trail is followed, the funding has already been primed to be redirected to other agencies focused primarily on housing migrants. It is estimated that several million illegal migrants have crossed the border and been permitted to enter the United States since Biden took office in January of 2021. Additionally, during that year the Biden administration subtly ceased detentions of migrant “families”, allowing these groups of individuals to move freely into America, claiming routine phone calls would be relied upon to monitor their activity. 

Any individual with an ounce of common sense is wise enough to see the significant national security risk these policies present to the American public at large. The GOP has utilized the crisis at the southern border as a way to motivate voters heading into the 2024 general election. Recent polls have shown that many people are extremely concerned and maybe motivated to take action in regard to the issue.