GOP Senator Dismisses U.S. Military Leaders’ Concerns

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, America has been engulfed in chaotic times in national politics. On the fiscal, diplomatic and cultural levels, the country faces serious problems. Working class Americans continue to grapple with levels of inflation brought about by reckless government spending. These levels have not been seen in decades and the cost of living has skyrocketed. At the southern border with Mexico, it is estimated that over 5 million illegal migrants have crossed since the president began his term, and on the international stage, foreign adversaries of the United States continue to act aggressively. These nations, emboldened by weak presidential leadership, appear positioned to threaten U.S. dominance on the world stage.

Over the last several years, conservative leading news outlets and politicians in Washington have claimed that the Biden administration has taken measures to create a “woke” environment in the U.S. military. In a New York post article published in July, House Republicans voted to terminate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs created for the military. In a bill called the National Defense Authorization act, House Republicans crafted legislation that sought to end policies that the Biden administration has implemented in the military- things like paid abortions for servicemembers and the promotion of mandated progressive reading materials. While passed in the house as stated, the bill would never survive the Democrat controlled senate or be signed by President Biden.

One Republican Senator from Alabama, the former football coach Tommy Tuberville has blocked many military promotions in a protest of these abortion policies. On Tuesday, September 5th, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro claimed that Tuberville’s actions were helping communist and totalitarian governments across the world opposed to America. This statement was uttered on CNN, a left wing news network. In an ironic twist, the secretary claimed that the Republicans opposition to progressive military measured undermined National Security.