GOP Finds More Evidence Of Influence Peddling By Biden Family

House Republicans uncovered more evidence that might link the Biden family to selling influence to foreign nationals, according to The Washington Examiner. The revelation comes as Hunter Biden may be facing charges from the Department of Justice related to tax improprieties and possession of an illegal firearm. 

Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversights Committee, put out a 36-page memo documenting that they have issued a subpoena to four banks. Thousands of bank records were also obtained related to the more than $10 million the Biden family and their associates received from foreign nationals while Joe Biden was the vice president. 

In March, Comer called on the White House to correct the president’s false statement denying that his family received more than $1 million from a business associate, Bob Walker. The money was reportedly sent to the Biden’s after Walker received a $3 million wire from a Chinese company. 

The transactions included in Comer’s memo show that the Biden’s were involved with both China and Romania in separate but related issues. The congressman says that the transactions are bringing up concerning questions about national security. Comer claimed that the transactions from Romania show evidence of influence peddling between the Biden family and business associates. 

The congressman also said that they are providing information and receipts about the family’s business dealings with China, particularly with Chinese individual Ye Jianming and his company, CEFC. During a debate in October 2020, Biden also claimed that Hunter was not paid by Chinese nationals, but this is also turning out to be false. State 

Energy HK, another company by Ye, reported millions of dollars in profits from a diamond and jewelry business and then sent a large diamond to Hunter in 2017. As for the ties to Romania, bank records show transactions of the Biden family linked to Gabriel Popoviciu, who controlled a foreign company while being under criminal investigation.