Fit Muscle Man Robert Kennedy Jr Sends Video Message To Biden

On Sunday, after Twitter went crazy over a viral video of him bench pressing, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted a video of himself doing push-ups shirtless in a pair of jeans.

He tweeted the image while writing that he is getting himself in shape to square off in debates with Biden.

There was no reaction from the White House when asked for comment.

The viral video of Kennedy’s bench-pressing capabilities was met with admiration from fitness experts for Kennedy’s impressive physical ability and commanding figure. Even conservatives chimed in and were impressed.

Babylon Bee reporter Ashley St. Claire said cheekily that she suddenly felt like voting for RFK Jr.

Jason Helmes, the fitness coach and proprietor of Anyman Fitness, said that RFK Jr.  should inspire all men, saying he had the physique of “a tank.”

Kennedy is challenging President Biden in the Democratic primaries. His message has been widely disseminated via podcasts, especially the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan had RFK Jr. on to discuss the controversial vaccination issues. Aside from Covid vaccines, RFK Jr. has long been suspicious of the link between vaccines for children and autism.

According to health guru “Sol Brah,” Kennedy has impressed him with his work at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California.

Alexander Cortes, a fitness celebrity, has decided to vote in 2024 as a single-issue voter. He said whoever is the most ripped and bronzed gets his support, and that guy is RFK Jr.

A fitness trainer, Ryan Calder, posted a video of Kennedy performing an incline bench press, explaining that the presidential candidate was actually bench pressing twice the weight displayed in earlier sets.

As more and more videos emerge with Joe Biden looking frail and feeble, as shallow as body image can be, it could impact the debates if RFK Jr. is robust.

The only drawback for RFK Jr. is that his voice sounds weak and strained.