D.C. Cops Allowed “Pride” Supporters to Expose Themselves to Children

Washington D.C. police officers joined in Saturday’s annual Pride Parade festivities in the U.S. Capitol, showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

The parade included various forms of expression, including some that some may consider provocative or unconventional. 

Unfortunately, there were instances where indecent exposure, nudity, and individuals dressed in leather fetish outfits took place, despite the presence of many children. 

Disturbing images from the parade surfaced, featuring a drag queen named Qween Amor wearing only a G-string and bondage attire, in a pose near a toddler. 

In contrast, the toddler’s mother observed and appeared to be accepting of the display. 

Additionally, a video captured the same individual engaging in what seemed to be a performance involving a Satanic ritual, dancing with an inverted crucifix, and twerking in front of a sizable crowd, including children in the background.

The White House has announced that a transgender model will no longer be welcome to any White House events due to photographs and videos depicting her topless on the LGBTQ Pride month celebration held Saturday on the South Lawn at the White House. 

Activist Rose Montoya, a prominent trans model, was among the hundreds of individuals invited by the Biden administration to commemorate Pride Month, which takes place annually in June.

Montoya shared a video on Instagram that showcased a brief moment of her standing in front of the White House, covering her bare breasts with her hands. 

This video attracted attention, particularly from right-wing media outlets, who disseminated screenshots and labeled her actions “disrespectful.” The video has since been taken down.

Unfortunately, many critics of Montoya deliberately misgendered her using male pronouns and derogatory slurs targeting the transgender community.

In response, a spokesperson from the White House stated on Tuesday that Montoya and the other individuals featured in her video would not be invited to participate in future events organized by the White House.

In contrast, the escalation of homicides and various other crimes persists in Washington, D.C. As of last week, the number of homicides in the U.S. Capitol reached a staggering one hundred, marking a 22 percent increase compared to the previous year.