Christie Predicts Trump Will Be Convicted

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie recently blasted two of his challengers for pledging to support Donald Trump even if he is convicted, The Hill reported.

While appearing on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on November 16, Christie blasted fellow GOP candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis for raising their hands in the first debate when asked if they would support Donald Trump as the nominee even if he is convicted in one of his many trials.

Christie said the Founding Fathers would be “rolling in their graves” if they had known that anyone would allow a convicted felon to run for president or another candidate would support a felon, which is precisely what Donald Trump “will be” by the spring, he added.

He said if the Founders had realized this would happen, they would have added, “You can’t be a convicted felon” to the other presidential requirements like “natural-born American” and “age 35.”

Christie said it gave him “grave concerns” about his challengers’ judgment that DeSantis and Haley believe that either of them “could be the rightful heir of the legacy” of Washington, Adams, Lincoln, and FDR” while saying they would support a nominee who is a convicted felon.

When asked if he thought either Haley or DeSantis would make a better president than Trump, Christie said he wasn’t prepared to “make that call yet.” He said he found it “very discouraging” that Nikki Haley described Donald Trump in the latest debate as the right president for the right time.

Three of Trump’s trials are currently scheduled to begin in the spring, with the federal election interference trial in Washington scheduled to start on March 4 and the New York hush money trial scheduled to begin three weeks later.

The federal trial into Trump’s mishandling of classified documents is set to begin in Florida on May 20. However, that trial may be delayed.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has requested an August 5 start date for the fraud and racketeering trial in Georgia.